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Turbotax online | Turbotax login

Turbotax online is a web-version of turbotax that provides an interface to file tax returns. Besides, it can be accessed from any location easily through web browser. It allows starting return without paying a single penny. You need to pay when you are filing it finally. Above all, users get audit support, return reviewed by experts, live sessions with professionals and many more.

How can I sign-up my Turbotax account?

  1. Initially, go to ‘Turbotax online’ website.
  2. Thereafter, put in the email address to create a turbotax account.
  3. Further, confirm the email address, by pressing ‘Confirm’ in the Windows.
  4. After that, enter your phone number in the box that demands.
  5. Afterwards, it asks you to enter a security password. Put in a strong password.
  6. Select “Create account” lastly and the registration process ends here.

What to do to login Turbotax online?

  1. Go to TurboTax online Website.
  2. Then, choose Sign In, tap the year for which you file return.
  3. After you login, tap ‘Continue’ to start the return from where you left earlier.
  4. In order to start from scratch, tap ‘Start a new return‘.

How can I Change login info on Turbotax online?

  1. Firstly, login Turbotax account to change login details.
  2. Thereafter, Select ‘Intuit Account’ in the Menu.
  3. Proceed further, and go to ‘Manage your Account’.
  4. Under this section, you will see ‘Sign In & Security’ to change User ID, Password,email address, or phone number.
  5. To change name,date of birth, address, or occupation, press ‘Personal info’.
  6. Now enter new details.
  7. Lastly, confirm and click ‘Save’.

How can I recover Turbotax online login user id & password?

Sometimes you may forget login id or password, then you refer to steps given below:

  1. Head on to turbotax website login recovery page, firstly.
  2. Further, enter any one of these: Phone number, Email address, User ID.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions, nextly.
  4. Then, enter code that you will get to recover your credentials.

Note: In place of code, you may recieve list of accounts associated with the details we filled.


Do I need to install or activate turbotax online?

No, turbotax online is the web-version which doesn’t require any software installation. Simply, visit turbotax and sign-up to get started.

How to download turbotax on Windows?

1. Go to ‘’ and sign in via user id and password.
2. Nextly, get “Downloads” tab, On Your turbotax account.
3. Select the version you need. Lastly, Save it on PC.

How can I install turbotax on Windows?

1. Search the downloaded file.
2. Further, double-click file you downloaded.
3. Now, installer is launched .
4. Launch turbotax after installation.